Best Kids’ Birthday Party Themes for 5 year-olds

Hey, fellow parents! We know the struggle of finding the perfect birthday party theme for your little ones, especially when they hit that big milestone of turning 5! But worry not; we’ve got your back with some awesome and unique ideas that will keep those tiny tots entertained and excited. Get ready to throw the best birthday bash ever!

Turning five is a milestone for kids and their families! They can finally show their entire hand to tell their age. It is special. They feel big for many things but still small for others. It’s a memorable birthday. For some, it’s the first time they have a clear idea of what their birthday theme is going to be about.

Hosting the entire party yourself and not hiring staff can be an enormous challenge. A good idea is to ask a friend or relative to help you as your assistant on the party day.

Instead of running to get everything done, make a list and try to shop for the party supplies and items needed for games and activities. Cross tasks from your list as you complete them, such as picking up the birthday cake and the food you need on that day.

Outer Space Party Theme

Kids find space and the entire sky fascinating. You can choose from lots of different games and activities to do with this inspiring theme. We all want our kids to reach for the stars, so this is a super stimulating topic. Depending on what you feel is going to work better for your kids and guests, you can keep the theme quite flexible. Many 5-year-olds would prefer to play with gooey, grisly aliens, whereas other kids may be more attracted to educational space exploration.

Party favors can be so easy and creative when you have a clear theme. For any budget you have, you can buy astronaut food online or print some yourself and cover it like a candy wrapper. If your child is super into it, you can print out outline versions and let the kids color over them. It is a one-of-a-kind party favor.

You can also serve freeze-dried ice cream (astronaut food)!

The easiest party favor may be to buy candy with space names, such as Mars Moon Pies, Sky Bars, and Stardust. You can buy them at any store; mini-sizes are better for 5-year-olds.

Monster Party Theme

How fun and cute to play with friendly furry monsters when you have five! This party theme is so easy and engaging. You can paint kids’ faces as they arrive or ask them to come in costume. They love to chase and scare each other! This theme doesn’t require any super-expensive party props.

Here’s a fantastic game you can play with kids: Make a monster bean bag toss. It’s super easy; just decorate a large box to look like a monster (there are so many options and materials you can choose from). Then cut a hole to make it look like the monster’s mouth, and done! The kids have to toss bean bags and have fun.

The cake can be the wow factor, or just make an easy and loving one!

You can have masks for every guest or you can make a cardboard monster craft activity, which can be the party flavor! Another fantastic and very easy idea is to serve “creepy treats” just like on Halloween.

Pirate Party Theme

This party theme is so great because it brings out an adventure for kids in any scenario: a garden, a public park, indoors if it’s cold or too hot, or outside. Pirates are about fun, talking with an accent and super goofy phrases, and finding a treasure!

What are you waiting for, matey? As the kids arrive, you can give each one an eye patch, different pirate hats, and bandanas. You can give the captain’s hat to the birthday child to make them feel like the lead character. But some kids just like to use the things they feel most attracted to, and sometimes there’s no way to know until the day comes! Just go with the flow.

Stripes dominate this pirate party theme. You can serve cut-up fruit with mini sword skewers and draw faces. You can get more creative as well. Pirates often just eat leftovers and mix everything up, so there’s nothing wrong! They eat with their hands and share the bounty!

One game suggestion that always works well is Walk the Plank. You can draw or use tape. Make an imaginary plank on a driveway, park road, or sidewalk. Kids can draw alligators around it or make little plastic ones to give to the kids so they can put them on the floor as if they were in the water. Then take turns trying to stay in the lines of the “plank” while walking straight. You can take the game to the next level by asking if someone wants to walk blindfolded.

Party favors: you can buy and give plastic eye patches, chocolate coins, and little treasure bags filled with treats.

Dinosaurs Party Theme

Could you imagine the faces of 5-year-old kids discovering dinosaurs like archeologists? Dinosaurs are such interesting creatures to play with. Small or big, plastic or even stuffed soft ones; dino-gelly treats to eat… kids all over the world adore them!

You can decorate everything with dinosaur prints, or twist it and give your kids a unique experience: You will need plastic containers; takeout food works fine; and prepare as many dinosaur skeletons as you need for this party. It’s always a good idea to make some extra, just in case.

To prepare each kit, you need a see-through container and three little plastic dinosaurs. If they are too big, you can use just one. If you find the dinosaur’s skeletons, that’s even better! A little wood brush and sand could be an excellent detail!

First, tape the dinosaurs and cover all the containers with sand. Close the container and add a brush on top. For this activity, gather the kids at the table or on the floor. It all depends on where you are hosting the party (you don’t want sand inside your home). Show the kids how to open the container, ask if they are ready to be archeologists, and find dinosaur remains. Ask them to use their hands softly and brush carefully, like an archeologist does. Some kids will dive right into it, while others will take this more seriously and activate their fine motor skills. Include a list of all dinosaur species with a check box next to each other. (To make it easier, you can make a list with dinosaur drawings.)

This is a lovely and unique party favor because you can reuse it multiple times.

Bugs Party Theme

This theme connects children with nature and sends great messages about Mother Earth and all living creatures. Get ready for a more scientific but also boho-chic birthday theme party. The idea embraces the outdoors, so this theme works magically by being outside!

There are so many ways you can go out and explore this theme. The best way is to follow your toddler’s interests.

You’ll need plenty of fake rubber insects and bugs to play “Bug Relay Race.” This game aims to carry the bugs with a spoon, one at a time, from one bowl to the next. The first team to transfer all the bugs wins. For this game, you’ll just need two tablespoons and four bowls—two empty and two full of rubber bugs of your choice. Divide the kids into two teams and line them up.

For the menu, you can serve ‘’Bug Juice’’ (fruit punch) and ‘’Bugs on a Log’’ (celery stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese and topped with raisins). If you want to serve organic and healthy options for the kids, go for it!

Party favor: bug tattoos or little jars with plastic bugs inside with the bug’s name and some information.

Older brothers and sisters can teach facts about insects. It will fascinate toddlers to observe and listen to curious facts, like how many legs the insect has, how long it lives, and more!

Art Party Theme

By keeping the focus on creativity and expression, you can inspire the birthday child and guests. The art party can be indoors or outdoors; just be prepared for both possibilities in case the weather doesn’t go as expected. Remember to tell the guests that “the art party” is about getting messy, so they can all dress appropriately and have a blast!

You can have different stations and have all the kids rotate every 10 or 15 minutes. One station can be all about clay, the next station can be all about finger painting, and another can be about making stamps with your feet by using a roll to cover the little one’s feet with paint. Make sure to have an extra pair of hands. (Each station needs adult supervision.)

Once the artworks are dry, they can be adorable party favors, with some crayons to keep the art sparkle going.

Farm Party Theme

A local petting zoo is a fantastic location for a farm party, but let’s face it, maybe it’s out of budget. If you can, go for it!

Here we offer you to carry on the theme from home or the local park. All 5-year-olds love farm animals. They like to imitate the sounds they make and name every animal. You can set out bales and picnic blankets in the yard to make the theme feel more realistic!

You can offer milk and animal-shaped cookies.

Duck-duck-goose is a great farm-themed party game. It’s simple, and almost everyone knows how to play it.

Party favors: You can give each guest a packet of seeds! It’s a fantastic and very original option, also low-budget, and it goes so well with the theme.

Sports Party Theme

Many 5-year-olds are soccer or baseball fans, or just general sports lovers! A sports-themed party is a fantastic idea for kids to have a blast and for the birthday to be a hit.

For decorations, you can blow up balloons and bring any sports elements or choose one in particular. The same applies to the birthday cake.

You can add to the invitation that guests must come with a sports T-shirt or dress as their favorite athlete of all time.

You can play so many games with this theme, but considering they are 5-year-olds, you must have something planned out.

Football ring toss is a good game for this age. It allows them to fail, to win, and not to get too frustrated. You’ll need to hang a hula hoop from a tree and have the kids take turns trying to toss the football through the ring. You can put different ball types—soccer balls, basketballs, or those little plastic ones popping out with life and colors.

Party favors: whistles, super balls, or stress balls Medals, and trophies for everyone It’s a great party favor.

Ring Circus Party Theme

If you are not into crafts, this theme is a suitable solution because you can buy the decorations at any party supply store or online. It’s a classic, so it’s not that hard to get them, and you can add some personal touches to make this special.

Have ticket rolls and give them to kids at every station you make. Set up a “kiosk” where they can cash out their party favors. It’s like your personal carnival.

Makeup could bring significant details to recreate this circus, which the entire family can host. It is a great idea! One could be the clown, another the muscle man, and you can pick the characters and just have fun.

Set up a large table where little ones can create circus drawings and have popcorn. You can have another station for them to pump up a balloon by sitting on top of them. You can have another one with musical chairs. After eating the cake and singing happy birthday, all the little ones will cash in their prize.


Under the Sea Party Theme

Inspired by the sea and its blue colors, you can set up the party decor and tableware. You can buy seashell shapes, chocolates or cookies, muffins, or snacks. Any jellyfish or aquatic animal-shaped candy will work.

You can buy plastic aquatic animals at any party store or through an online retailer so you can put together kits for each guest!

Get small plastic, see-through containers and fill them with different animals. You fill them with water and take them to the freezer for hours until they are all frozen. Extra tip: adding some acrylic touches from the paint bottle will create the ultimate effect.

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