About Kid City Guide

Kid City Guide is your go-to resource for discovering events, venues, and activities that are fun, engaging, and, as often as possible, educational for your children.
With curated selections spanning several cities across the U.S., dive in to explore a blend of fun and educational experiences, ensuring unforgettable moments for your family in every urban gem!

Our Story

We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find honest and reliable information, which is why we started the site.

As parents, searching for enriching activities for our children sparked the idea of a trustworthy guide. Beginning in Denver, our platform has now grown to cover 20 distinct cities across the U.S., making Kid City Guide a go-to resource for families nationwide.
We get it because, hey, we’re parents too, and we know the struggle of finding the perfect family hangouts.

Who We Are

Kid City Guide is by parents, for parents. The dedicated team behind the site consists of enthusiastic professional developers, designers, and editors, mostly all navigating the joyful chaos of parenting themselves.
Understanding the different needs of our fellow parents is at the heart of our mission.
At Kid City Guide, we’re all about making life a little more exciting and a lot more fun for you and your little ones. Picture this: a bunch of parents teaming up to handpick the coolest events and activities that we’d dig with our own crew. Yep, that’s us – real parents, real experiences.

We hope to accomplish this by keeping to our core values:


While we strive for accuracy, we know that mistakes happen. Know that we will always own up to our mistakes, and will make appropriate corrections as soon as we know about them.


We will never show you something we wouldn’t bring our own kids to, and we will never offer information we don’t believe in.


While we are attempting to offer information and advice, we are also learning, and we will always be open to new information and lines of thinking.


There are many types of parents and even more ways to parent. We will always strive for inclusivity and to be aware of the needs of parents and children of all types.

Meet Our Team

Roni Kripper

Proud Parent and Co-Founder

Tami Sirulnicoff

Proud Parent and Co-Founder

Ilán Vivanco

Proud Parent & Director of Engineering

Tatiana Livisky

Proud Parent & Developer

Mariela Camerano

Creative Director

Abril Urrutia

Content Strategist

Eduardo Valenzuela

Proud Parent & Senior Full Stack Developer

Gustavo Gimenez

Proud Parent & Developer


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