Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get creative.

Who knew plastic milk jugs made outstanding fairy houses? Have you ever thought about making magic potions with your kids? Start saving bottles, cardboard boxes, and whatever else you have in your kitchen or bathroom, such as the cardboard inside the toilet paper.

This list of 10 arts and crafts projects you can do with your kids in the comfort of your own home will open your family up to a whole new world.
Get ready to dive into some messy, creative fun with your kids at home! It’s time to roll up your sleeves, select your favorite tunes to set the mood, and let the creativity flow.

Here are 10 magnificent arts and crafts projects that will keep your little ones engaged and entertained. So embrace the mess, have patience, and be ready to go!

One-of-a-kind paint creations made with string

Magic happens out of sight with this artistic and super unexpected craft project! The final result is a complete surprise every time. Offer your kids the chance to try and experiment with different techniques. Pull your string in different ways and wait for it to happen. Masterpieces come out, and you realize you need them.

Get ready for a super fast and fun activity that everyone in the family can enjoy, regardless of age! It’s guaranteed to bring out the inner child in everyone. Get ready to be amazed and have a blast with this engaging project!

Put some paint in a dish or bowl. Use as many colors as you like. Cut one length of string, about twice as long as your paper. Lay each piece of the string inside the paint and make sure it gets well covered. Fold your paper in half and open it up again. Take the strings out and place them on one side of the paper so that their ends are off the side.

Fold the paper back over and softly smooth it out with both hands. Keeping pressure on the top with one hand, grab the strings and pull them out. Open up the paper to reveal your unique artwork!

Changing paper colors affect results as well. You can use your fingers to pull the string, or you can do it like in the picture we are showing: roll the string on a popsicle stick or a wooden hanger. Trying, playing, and experimenting are the key elements of this activity.

Personalized tote bag, or whatever you choose with fabric

Get ready to add a personal touch to your everyday items with this fantastic project! 

Embrace imperfections with this fun activity! It’s all about letting loose and having a great time. Whether you splash glue on fabric, paint over it, or trace a picture, the result will be amazing. Remember, it’s the imperfections that make it look cool and one-of-a-kind. So don’t worry about being perfect, just enjoy the process and let your imagination run wild!

Cotton fabric, fabric, acrylic paint; Elmer’s Glue.

Draw your image on the fabric with glue. Let it dry completely (for several hours). Just paint the acrylic. This also lets you use multiple colors. You can use fabric paints, but that’s not the only possibility. Tip: It’s better to dilute the paint a bit first; that gives you a nice watercolor look and hides some imperfections. Once your paint is dry, set the colors by ironing it for a few minutes or putting it in the dryer. Done!

Balloon tennis

Balloons are magnificent spheres of pure joy and possibilities for young toddlers and babies. It’s a great idea to always keep a pack at home; they are inexpensive and they can save your day! They are the perfect cure for a bad case of boredom. There are so many things you can do with a simple balloon! This fun tennis game using just a couple of paper plates and paper tableware sticks can change an entire afternoon.

Balloons are like bursts of magic that can instantly transform any dull moment into a world of excitement and laughter! They are a must-have in every household, especially when you have young toddlers and babies around. They’ll be your secret weapon for saving the day!

Materials: Paper plates, tape, popsicle sticks (plastic spoons would work as well), balloons.

Simply tape the popsicle sticks or paper tableware to the back of the paper plates, blow up some balloons, and start playing, trying to keep the balloon off the ground. Hit the balloons back and forth, or make up your own rules as you go along. You can also use different colors and start saying, “Now everybody has to play with a blue balloon or a red one.” This game can grow with your own rules and ideas. Fast, cheap, and indoor, this can last for hours with small ones. Balloons are pure joy for kids. Turn a simple balloon into a tennis game with paper plates and sticks. Fun guaranteed!

Watch the colors spread across the paper when you paint with a straw

Did you know you can create amazing art by blowing paint through a straw? It’s a fun and messy way to paint that kids will love. Get ready for splatters and spatters as the colors come to life on the paper. Just make sure to protect your workspace and clothes. Let the creativity blow you away!

To try this technique, grab some paint with an inky consistency. Watercolors or watered-down acrylic or tempera will work just fine. Drop large blobs of paint on your paper and grab a straw. Now, get ready to blow! Start from directly above the paint and blow through the straw, wiggling it around for extra fun. Watch as the paint spreads and creates whimsical patterns on the page. It’s a great activity for everyone, from toddlers to teens. Let your imagination run wild and see what beautiful creations you can make with your blowing skills!

Pom-pom necklace

Who doesn’t adore pom-poms? They’re colorful, textured, and fabulous. Whether you’re into the rainbow style or prefer a single color, the options are endless. You can create pom-pom necklaces that will make everyone say, “Wow!” Get creative and design your unique necklace, or take inspiration from your favorite outfit to match. Making these necklaces is as much fun as wearing them! Gather your pom-poms, string, or yarn, and let’s get started. It’s a cool and fashionable project that will showcase your style and creativity. Get ready to rock your one-of-a-kind pom-pom necklace!

-necklace cord
Pom poms can be made at any size by wrapping the yarn around anything you’d like. Of course, the easiest way is with your hand. Wrapping the yarn around four fingers is a fast way.
Large pom poms use four fingers.
For medium pom poms, use two fingers.
small, pompous finger
Remember: the more yarn you wrap, the fuller and more fluffy the pompom will be!
It’s important to Take the bundle off your hand and lay it on top of a length of yarn long enough to tie around the bundle. Tie the length of the yarn around the middle of the bundle you just made. Important fact: make sure to tie it very tight and well; this is what holds the pom-pom together. Slip the scissors inside the loops and just cut them. It’s starting to look like a pom-pom. Trim it up nicely. String them up and wear them all the time. Poms go with everything! And ways in style!

Macramé bracelet

This project is not only fantastic but also super easy to make. It’s perfect for beginners looking to try their hand at macramé. So grab your macramé cord, scissors, tape measure or ruler, and some tape, and let’s get started!

First things first, gather all your supplies and materials. Make sure you have everything within reach so you can jump right into the fun. Once you’re all set, it’s time to start crafting something beautiful with macramé.

You will need a macramé cord.

Cut two lengths of macramé cord, one 32 inches and the other 80 inches. Fold the 32-inch cord in half and hold the loop at the top. Then wrap the loop around your finger and tie a regular knot, leaving a 1-inch loop above the knot. All the knots will be tied around these two cords.

Tip: Tape the loop to your table or working surface.

Now you just have to find the center of the 80-inch cord and place it under the cords taped to the table, close to the knot. As you bring the left side of the cord over the top of the other three cords, make sure to leave a loop on the left side. Adjust the cord on the right, moving it to the top. Now just bring the right cord (the one pointing downward) to the left, underneath the other three cords, and pull it up through the loop.

At this moment, you want to pull on the left and right cords to create a tight knot. Push this knot up towards the knot of the cords that are taped to the table.

Just repeat the same knot. Bring the left cord over the center two cords, and then bring the right cord down over the top of it. Put the right cord under the center two cords and up through the loop. Pull tight. 

It sounds more complicated than it is—just repeating the same knot over and over.

You will begin to see the bracelet flip on its own and start to create a spiral “helix” pattern. Go with the flow; it will work! So let the bracelet flip naturally and continue to tie knots the same way.

Tip: Continue to tie knots until the bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist.

Once the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Get ready to tie those knots and complete your masterpiece! First, separate the four cords, with two on the left side and two on the right side. This will make it easier to work with and create a balanced design. Here comes the fun part. Take the two cords on the right side and tie them together using a simple knot. Here’s how: Bring the rightmost cord over the cord to the left of it. Then, bring the right cord up through the loop and pull both cords tight. Voila! You’ve just tied the knot.

Next, it’s time to repeat the process with the two cords on the left side. Bring the leftmost cord over the cord to the right of it, then bring the left cord up through the loop and pull both cords tight. Another knot has been successfully tied! These knots will secure your bracelet and give it that stylish macramé look. With these final knots in place, your bracelet is complete.

Now, go rock that trendy macramé bracelet and let your friends marvel at your crafting skills. You did an amazing job!

At this moment, you want to pull on the left and right cords to create a tight knot. Push this knot up towards the knot of the cords that are taped to the table.

Fall Nature Crafts: Leaf Crowns

Just like little squirrels, kids have an innate curiosity for the outdoors and all the treasures it holds. They love collecting twigs, rocks, leaves, chestnuts, and anything else that catches their eye along the way home, in our gardens, or the nearby forest! And when the weather is nice, it’s the perfect opportunity to go on a nature walk and gather leaves of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Autumn, It’s a season filled with vibrant hues and enchanting wonders. So why not turn those beautiful leaves into something truly magical? Enter leaf crowns! Creating leaf crowns can ignite a world of imagination for kids. It’s a chance to embrace their inner royalty and embark on thrilling adventures. Plus, it’s a nature-friendly way to look super cool and stylish!

Not only does this activity provide endless fun, but it also instills a sense of appreciation and care for our planet. By engaging with nature and creating something beautiful from fallen leaves, we encourage our kids to cherish and protect the environment around them.

Materials: Paper Strip, Colorful Leaves, Glue.

Cut a strip of paper long enough to wrap around your child’s head. A good suggestion is to use a paper grocery bag and reuse it every chance you get (remember, every chance to reuse is a win), and this sets a fantastic example for your little ones to follow.

Grab a paintbrush or spray glue and apply a thin layer of glue to the paper strip. No need to go overboard; just a little dab will do. Now it’s time to stick those leaves on! Arrange them on the strip, letting your creative juices flow. Older kids can get into it, making patterns and layering the leaves for a super fancy design. Oh, and don’t forget to take note of which leaves you used for each crown. It’s like creating your leaf collection, and it makes for some fun nature detective work. So go ahead, glue, stick, and create your leafy masterpiece!

So, next time you embark on a nature walk, don’t forget to bring along your little nature enthusiasts, gather those magnificent leaves, and let their imaginations soar as they craft their very own leaf crowns. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of autumn and inspire a lifelong love for our beloved planet. Let nature be their playground, and let their leaf crowns be a symbol of their awe-inspiring connection with the world around them.

Decorative memory frames

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Summer has just begun, and it has already inspired many of us to celebrate our own families with a special picture frame craft. This easy project is a picture-perfect way to save cherished family memories, like going to the beach or whatever tickles you.

  • Make a family picture frame.
  • Cover a wooden picture frame with a thin layer of glue. You can use a sponge, a brush, or just buy spray glue, or whatever you have at home. Since this idea is inspired by a beach trip, this design uses sand on the glue until the frame is completely covered. Let it dry. Glue shells around the frame if you like. Once it is completely dry, add a family photo. This project is so easy to adapt to whatever theme moves your family and connects you with that picture you want to frame.
  • Materials:
  • frame
  • Glue
  • design elements of your choosing (sand and shells)

Once your masterpiece is complete, find the perfect family photo and place it inside the frame. Display it proudly in your home, or give it as a heartfelt gift to a loved one. Every time you look at that frame, it will remind you of the incredible moments you’ve shared.

So grab those paintbrushes, let the creativity flow, and create a picture frame that captures the essence of your amazing family adventures. Get ready to smile every time you see it and relive those wonderful summer memories!

Recycle cards into bookmarks

Don’t let those beloved holiday cards go to waste! Instead, let’s turn them into something useful and beautiful. Get ready for an exciting post-holiday craft that will bring joy and creativity to your new year—upcycling old holiday cards into stunning bookmarks.

Bonus: These make a lovely gift and even encourage reading in our kids.
Old greeting cards
Hole punch
Cut the greeting card into strips about an inch and a half wider, your choice. Just punch a hole near one end. To create a tassel, thread the ribbon through the hole. You can reuse whatever you feel like it—old school notes or lovely wrapping papers you saved. Be creative and teach your kids to reuse and recycle.
Get ready to enjoy your favorite books with these beautiful bookmarks, knowing that they were once cherished holiday greetings from your loved ones. Let the magic of upcycling bring joy and inspiration to your reading adventures!

Unique and Vibrant Paper Bag Kites

The kids will have so much fun decorating and making their paper bag kites. The breezy days are always perfect for flying kites! Spring is ideal, but summer and autumn can surprise us as well with a lovely, playful, windy day.

Making homemade kites is the perfect way to add some excitement to your summer days! The best part? You probably have all the supplies you need right in your craft cabinet. It’s a fantastic last-minute project that will keep the kids entertained and help them burn off that extra energy.

You won’t believe how much fun and creativity can come from making paper bag kites! The best part is that there are no limits to what the kids can do. They can let their imaginations run wild as they choose colors and patterns to decorate their kites. It’s a simple and budget-friendly project that will keep them entertained for hours.


paper lunch bags
yarn or strong twine or string
popsicle sticks
embellishments: stickers, paint, markers, crayons, construction paper, washi tape

Start by giving the kids free rein to decorate their paper bags however they want. Grab a bunch of colorful markers, stickers, washi tape, or anything that adds a splash of personality to their kites. They can get creative and draw cool designs or use their favorite colors—it’s all about making it their own! Then just cut it using scissors and snip a little hole in the bottom base of the bag. We will use this for the kite string. With a piece of yarn or string about 18–24 inches long, tie one end to the middle of a popsicle stick and feed the other end through the hole in the bag. Done!