The desert landscape we call home is full of amazing hikes and scenery, but you don’t need to be an expert hiker to experience the beauty! There are plenty of hikes in & around Phoenix that offer paved & flat trails without much elevation gain that are friendly for strollers, wheelchairs and kids of all ages.

Check out our list of the top 15 Stroller-Friendly Hikes below!

Judith Tunnell Trail |
South Mountain Park

The Judith Tunnel Trail is located close to the South Mountain Park entrance and offers great desert scenery without having to go far.

This hike is wheel-chair friendly and paved as well!

Distance: 1.3 Miles
Elevation Gain: 100 ft.
Type: Loop | Paved

Penny Howe Trail |
North Mountain Park

This short little walk in the park is perfect for young kids and a short stroller-walk.

See some beautiful desert & mountain views without having to work too hard for them!

Distance: 3 Miles
Elevation Gain: 20 ft.
Type: Loop | Paved

Double Butte Loop Trail |
Papago Park

This trail features beautiful wild flowers, plenty of desert plant & wildlife, and awesome rock formations to see & explore.

You can venture up to the famous “Hole in the Rock” spot from this trail!

Distance: 2.2 Miles
Elevation Gain: 115 ft.
Type: Loop | Dirt

Water Ranch Trail |
Gilbert Riparian Preserve

The Water Ranch Trail is partially paved & partially dirt, but offers virtually no elevation gain and a great option for a nice family-friendly hike.

Here you will walk beside a lake and see lots of wildlife.

Distance: 1.9 Miles
Elevation Gain: 10 ft.
Type: Loop | Partially Paved

Desert Botanical Garden Loop | Desert Botanical Garden

A trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens can include a gorgeous hike through desert plantlife from around the world.

There is an entrance fee to get into the gardens, but it’s well worth it!

Distance: 2.1 Miles
Elevation Gain: 80 ft.
Type: Loop | Partially Paved

Veteran’s Oasis Park Loop | Veteran’s Oasis Park

This nice loop trail features a lake, lots of wildlife and a partially paved path that has very little elevation gain.

Veterans Oasis Park also offers great mountain views!

Distance: 2.5 Miles
Elevation Gain: 10 ft.
Type: Loop | Partially Paved

AZ Canal Trail | Scottsdale

Starting at the Arizona Falls generation station and continuing to the Scottsdale Waterfront, this portion of the Phoenix Canal Trail offers public art, bridges, shopping and dining.

Definitely not things that you’d typically find in a hike!

Distance: 3.6 Miles
Elevation Gain: 25 ft.
Type: Out & Back | Paved

Kiwanis Park Lakefront Trail | Kiwanis Park

This paved loop trail circles a lake and is wheelchair & stroller friendly.

There are also plenty of spots to stop and rest/take in the scenery!

Distance: .8 Miles
Elevation Gain: 10 ft.
Type: Loop | Paved

Reach 11 Recreation Loop | Reach Recreation Area

This 3 miles loop trail is partially paved and is only lightly trafficked.

Here you will find great wilderness views, some ponds, and nature plaques explaining the surroundings.

Distance: 3.0 Miles
Elevation Gain: 30 ft.
Type: Loop | Partially Paved

Paseo Vista Loop and Chandler Canal | Paseo Vista Rec Area

This loop features wildlife and a variety of nice, shaded places to sit and rest.

At 1.8 miles and paved, it’s a great choice for a medium-distance hike with a stroller or young kids in tow.

Distance: 1.8 Miles
Elevation Gain: 5 ft.
Type: Loop | Paved

Park Lake Green Trail | Red Mountain Park District

Located in the Red Mountain Park District near Mesa, this trail wraps around a lake and is great for wildlife watching.

At less than a mile and paved, it’s a nice easy choice.

Distance: .9 Miles
Elevation Gain: 20 ft.
Type: Loop | Paved

Jane Rau Brown’s Canyon Trail | McDowell Sonoran Preserve

This fun loop trail offers awesome desert scenery and makes you feel much farther into the wilderness than you actually are!

See towering Saguaro, lots of desert flowers and wildlife.

Distance: .6 Miles
Elevation Gain: 40 ft.
Type: Loop | Dirt

Tolleson Wetlands Loop |
Tolleson Wetlands

At almost five and a half miles, this is the longest hike on our list.

There is barely no elevation gain and little traffic, making it a great option for a long family & stroller-friendly hike.

Distance: 5.4 Miles
Elevation Gain: 30 ft.
Type: Loop | Dirt

Gila Trail | Estrella Mountain Regional Park

This fun hike is quick and easy!

Located in Goodyear, here you can feel like you’re deep in the desert without having to go too far. Great views of the desert and mountains on this trail!

Distance: .5 Miles
Elevation Gain: 40 ft.
Type: Loop | Dirt

Black Rock Loop Short Trail | White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Located in White Tank Mountain Regional Park, this short but sweet hike offers awesome mountain scenery as well as lots of desert wildlife & flowers.

Distance: .5 Miles
Elevation Gain: 45 ft.
Type: Loop | Dirt