Children and families have no shortage of fun activities to choose from in Denver but some of these events can be overstimulating for sensitive children. Luckily, there are several local organizations with special Sensory Friendly events. Here are some great ones to check out:

*Please note, event days and times are subject to change, it’s always a good idea to check the business’ website or give a quick phone call before you head out.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
Alamo for All

When: Various Tuesdays before 2:00pm

Enjoy a matinee with your family at Alamo for All sensory-friendly movie presentations.

During these shows the lights are turned up, the sound is turned down, all ages are welcome (including infants), talking and noise are allowed and guests are allowed to move around. Please note, adaptive technology is welcome at these shows but no other electronics.

AMC Theaters
AMC Sensory Friendly Films

When: Second and Fourth Saturdays of the Month, times and movies vary.

AMC has partnered with the Autism Society to present movie showings for sensory sensitive audiences.

During these showings, the lights are turned up, the sound is turned down and guests are welcome to get up and move around as needed. There are four participating AMC’s in the Denver Metro Area – AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16, AMC Flatiron Crossing 14, AMC Highlands Ranch 24, AMC Westminster Promenade 24.

See website for details

Sensory Storytime

When: First Saturday of the Month, 10:30-11:30am

Featured guest reader Ruthie Austin provides a gentle storytime for toddlers and children with special needs.

Cookies are provided for kids and there are coffee specials available for parents.

Butterfly Pavilion
Low Sensory Mornings

When: Various Sundays (see website for specific dates), 8:00-9:00am

Enjoy the busy bees, butterflies and bugs of the Butterfly Pavilion in a low sensory environment.

Limited admission, natural lighting and quiet sounds offers an enjoyable experience for sensory sensitive children and their families. Low Sensory Morning offers guided interpretation throughout the exhibits, optional activity guides and an interactive Storytime program.

Tickets are available on their website.

When: Various Saturdays (see website for dates), 8:00-10:00am

The Children’s Museum is an amazing center for learning and discovery but can be overwhelming for some children.

Low-Sensory Mornings offer a more sensory-friendly alternative with limited attendance and lowered sounds. Admission is free for families of children with disabilities but space is limited so RSVP is required.

See website for details.

Denver Art Museum
Low-Sensory Events

When: See website for upcoming dates

Denver Art Museum understand the unique needs of sensory sensitive families who prefer a less sensory stimulating, quieter environment.

Low-Sensory Events are offered on select dates which smaller crowds, lower gallery sounds, a sensory break room and available sensory tools. Hands on activities and art making projects are available for all ages and abilities.

Reservations required.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Discovery Zone Low-Sensory Morning

When: First Sunday of the Month, 7:00-9:00am

DMNS’s Discovery Zone is a bustling center with activities for every interest. This exciting play area can be overwhelming for sensory sensitive guests.

Low Sensory mornings offer an alternative experience where the sounds are turned down and the attendance is limited.

Admittance to this event is free but registration is required.

Downtown Aquarium
Low Sensory Morning

When: Second Sunday of each month, 8:30-10:00am

The Downtown Aquarium opens its doors early on the second Sunday of each month for guests who prefer a more peaceful and sensory-friendly environment.

The lights are turned up and the sound is turned down for sensory sensitive guests.

See website for details

History Colorado
Low Sensory Mornings

When: Various Saturdays (see website for dates), 8:00-10:00am

For families who prefer a lower sensory museum experience, the History Colorado Center is happy to provide mornings with limited attendance and lower sounds.

Admission is free but space is limited so registration is required.

Kids with Special Needs Event

When: First Saturday of the Month, 9:00-11:00am

Jumpstreet offers a monthly semi-private event for children with special needs and their families.

The music is off and families are welcome to jump together. Please note, Jumpstreet is open to the public starting at 10:00am.

See website for details

Lone Tree Arts Center
Sensory Friendly Shows

When: Show dates and times vary, see website for details

The Lone Tree Arts Center offers special sensory friendly performances of many of their family friendly shows.

These shows have lower sound levels and lights turned up so that audience members can see each other and are able to get up and move around, if needed. Audiences are asked to wave hands rather than clapping to help keep the noise level low. The performers also modify the shows, as needed, to make sure there are no startling noises or visually overstimulating components.

When: Various Sundays (see website for specific dates), 10:00am-12:00pm

Enjoy these special mornings designed for children who prefer a lower sensory environment.

During these sessions, they can play without loud music or flashing lights.

See website for details

WOW! Children’s Museum
Sensory Friendly Playtime

When: Various Sundays (see website for specific dates), 8:00-10:00am

Children can visit the museum with their families without the typical noises and crowds.

Attendance is limited, sounds and lights are turned down and adaptive equipment like noise reducing headphones and weighted vests are available. Thanks to WOW!’s donor-supported Play for All Initiative, admission for Sensory Friendly Playtime is $1 for participants.

Registration is required.

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